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Finance Information

Money is a stressful topic for a lot of people, and big purchases can be difficult. Buying a car is one of the biggest purchases you will make in your lifetime, so you may feel a lot of pressure to do it right. The Yes Guys are here to help with your car buying process.

We are here to help make the process easier and less stressful because we help people get the financing they need even if they don’t have the best credit.

What is Auto Financing, and Why Do I Need It?

Financing a vehicle means that you borrow money to pay for your vehicle. Financing is an auto loan. You pay this loan back monthly over the course of a set amount of time with interest.

When people talk about auto loans, they will bring up terms like the loan amount, the loan term, the monthly payment, and the interest rate. The loan amount is the total amount you need to borrow to get the car. The loan term is the length of time you have to pay the vehicle back. Car loans are often several years; it is common to have a four- or five-year loan term on your car. The monthly payment for your loan will be loan amount divided by the number of months, plus the interest rate for your loan.

Many people like the look of lower monthly payments for financing a vehicle, but this could mean you will pay more in interest over the course of a longer loan term. There are a lot of factors to be aware of when you are thinking about financing a vehicle, but it is something that many people do over the course of their life.

An auto loan is essential for many people because a car is a large purchase. Many people do not have the money to pay cash for a car. This means that they need to borrow the money in the form of an auto loan.

However, it is important to be aware that when you borrow money, you will be paying interest, which means you will pay back more than you borrowed for the vehicle. That is why it is important to be smart about where you get your auto loan and what the interest rate for your auto loan is.

People can get auto loans from banks or credit unions. They can also sometimes get auto loans from the car dealership themselves. To get an auto loan, a person needs proof of identity, proof of income, proof of insurance, and credit information. The type of loan and interest rate that each person can get depends on how much money they make and their credit history. Where should you get your auto loan? Learn more about financing with The Yes Guys below.

Finance with The Yes Guys

The Yes Guys provide auto financing services. We help people get the auto loans they need to get the cars they need for their lives. Many people cannot live their daily life without a vehicle. They need a car to get to work, pick up their kids, run errands, and more. A vehicle is a necessary part of their life but getting auto financing is not always easy for those that do not have the best credit score. That is why The Yes Guys work to help people regardless of their credit score and credit history. We help people with bad credit find the financing they need for their next vehicle. We offer subprime loans, and our people are ready to help those that do not have a high credit score. Learn more about the process of financing with us in the next section.

What Does Auto Financing Look Like with The Yes Guys?

We understand that auto financing may seem like an overwhelming or difficult process. Loans are a big deal, and they are not always easy to get. However, we work to make the financing process easier and less stressful. Check out the steps in our financing process below.

Reach Out to Us

The first step to getting financing with The Yes Guys is to reach out to us. We cannot help you if we don’t know that you are looking for help. You can reach out to us here online, or you can stop by and see us in person.

Fill Out Our Financing Application

The next step in the process is to fill out our finance application. This application can help us get a better understanding of your current financial situation. This means that we can be best suited to help you with your financing needs. The application can help us get you pre-approved for different financing options.

Discuss Your Loan Options with Us

After you have filled out your application, we will go over it and discuss your loan options with you. We try to work with people of all situations, so if you have no credit or bad credit, we still try to find a financing option that works for you. We will talk about the amount of financing we can offer, as well as what your interest rates will look like. We will get pretty detailed in talking about monthly payments, and we will try to find an option that fits with your life.

Pick Out a Vehicle That Fits Your Needs

After we have discussed financing, we will help you find a vehicle that fits with the financing you have been approved for. We can help you find a vehicle that fits with your finances, as well as your lifestyle needs. There are a lot of great vehicle options out there waiting for you.

Financing with The Yes Guys is an easy process. We try to keep it simple and stress-free. All you have to do is follow the steps above to get the financing and the vehicle you need.

Why Finance Here?

Now that you understand the financing process a little bit better, we can talk about why you would choose The Yes Guys for financing for your next vehicle. There are many different reasons to choose us, and you can check out some of them below.


One reason to choose us to finance your vehicle is that we are a one-stop-shop. We can help you get the financing you need, and the vehicle you want, all at the same place. When you come to see us, you will have everything you need.

Faster Financing

Above, we talked about how we are a one-stop-shop when it comes to getting financing and finding your next vehicle. That means we can offer you a faster process and faster financing overall. Other people may do some vehicle shopping and find a vehicle that they want, but then they have to go to a bank to try to get the financing they need for that vehicle. We can offer you a faster process by helping you get pre-approved for a specific financing amount before you even look for your vehicle.

We Work with Bad Credit

Another reason to choose us is that we work with people who have bad credit. If you do not have much credit at all, or your credit score is not as high as you want it to be, that is okay. We know that bad credit does not make you a bad person, and we want to help those that do not have the best credit. We will work with you to try to find a solution.

We Have Subprime Loans Available

A subprime loan is a type of loan that is for people that do not have the best credit. We offer these types of loans, so that can be a reason to choose us.

Our Staff is Ready to Help You

One more reason to choose us for your financing is that we have a great staff that provides excellent customer service. Our staff is looking out for you, and we want to help you get the financing you need. To us, you are not just a number, you are a person, and we want to help you get the financing and vehicle you need for your everyday life.

There are a lot of reasons to choose The Yes Guys to help with financing your next vehicle. We discussed a few of these reasons above, but if you have any additional questions about how we can help you, or if we are the right fit, reach out to us. We are called The Yes Guys because when others say no, we say yes, and we are excited to help you! Take the first step by filling out our Finance Application at the link below and a team member will reach out and get the process started.